• The Lake Geneva Region

    The Canton of Vaud at the heart of the Lake Geneva region offers some of the most breathtaking outlooks in Switzerland. Admire the reflections of the Alps in Lake Geneva from the vineyards of Lavaux, or enjoy the view from the heights of the Jura. Or admire both in one trip at the Le Kuklos revolving restaurant ...

  • Special offers for hotels

    The hotels of the Lake Geneva region offer something for everyone. Carefully selected to provide a choice of accommodation across the region, our special offers are a great way to find the perfect spot to enjoy the region, at the best possible prices.

  • Our unmissable viewpoints

    Take a fresh look at the Lake Geneva region. The canton of Vaud stretches from the rolling summits of the Jura to the Vaud Alps. The many lakes and traditional towns and villages add to the charm of this classically Swiss area.

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